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Where to Live in LA

Los Angeles is actually hundreds of neighborhoods and villages cobbled together to make up the whole. Understanding these neighborhoods, demographics, prices and how heated the market it in them is what your realtor needs to understand. Try our list.  Remember… ...

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This was my second foray into real estate. The first was a train-wreck. Alice took the pain and frustration out of the process. Buying this home was actually a pleasure!

Charles DeGaulle President

Bel Air

The Bel Air Country Club and the Hotel Bel Air form the heart of this exclusive community.  Residences tend to be private and hidden from the winding roads, and they range from modest ranch style homes to grand mansions.  The…


Beverly Hills

The abundance of water in the early days of Beverly Hills gave it wealth and fame long before the movie industry. The Native Americans, the Tongva or Gabrielinos, considered it sacred.  Initially used as alternately as a cattle and horse…


Brentwood, Pacific Palisades

These two neighboring communities are, today, home to many affluent and well know Los Angeles personalities.  But, they each had their starts in very different ways. Brentwood grew up around the National Home for Disabled Soldiers and Sailors established in…


Hancock Park, Larchmont

Generally described as the area between Wilton Place, Melrose Avenue, Olympic Boulevard and La Brea, Hancock Park actually is several neighborhoods including Windsor Square, Larchmont Village, Brookside Village, Hancock Park Homes in Hancock Park and Windsor Square were originally built…

MiracleMile 2

MIracle Mile, Mid Wilshire

The Miracle Mile District is bordered by the Fairfax District on the north, Hancock Park on the northeast, Mid-City on the southeast, West Pico on the south, and Carthay on the southwest. The district’s boundaries are roughly 3rd Street on…


Hollywood Hills

Perhaps the most well known part of the Los Angeles Real Estate lexicon, the Hollywood Hills, is that private canyon neighborhood located just minutes from the hustle and bustle of central Hollywood. The Hollywood Hills neighborhood is divided into many…